Produced by: LD Capital Research
Author:Betty, YY
Research Associates: James Kuo, Noise Zhou, Lightmanben
Translation: Lightmanben, Betty


  1. The action of shifting physical life online and user-generated content (UGC) in full swing creates massive demand for data storage with significant commercial and application prospects.
  2. Due to the high cost and factors…

Duet Investors

We are excited to announce today the closure of US$3 million first-round funding of the world’s first multi-chain synthetic asset protocol with a hybrid mechanism of over-collateralization and algorithm stabilization.

The first-round investors include OmniLAB, DraperDragon, BIT Digital Inc(NASDAQ:BTBT),Everest Ventures Group, One Block Capital, Moonwhale Ventures, Dutch Crypto…

LD Capital

We are one of earliest VC investors in the Blockchain field in Asia. We focus on : Innovation projects within finance, games, content publishing and IOT

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