Jack Yi, the Founder of LD Capital, gave a keynote speech during “BWB 2022” in South Korea: Opening of the New Era of Web 3.0

LD Capital
2 min readOct 28, 2022

LD Capital was established in 2016. Its main business involves direct investment and trading. It has established LD Capital X Ecological Fund, Web3 Alliance Incubation Accelerator, and Hero Group Secondary Hedging Asset Management.

In the future, LD Capital’s investment in the field of Web3 will mainly focus on the Ethereum ecosystem, new public chains, GameFi ecosystems, DeFi ecosystems, etc.

LD Capital’s investment philosophy is to grow together with industry pioneers, and to support Web3 entrepreneurs from multiple dimensions such as macro trends, strategic consulting, market branding, and industry relationships. It is the first investor in projects including 50 top industry titles.

Regarding the prediction of future industry development, Jack Yi said that the price of Ethereum in the first two bull and bear cycles has grown dozens of times, and the price will continue to grow dozens of times in the next bull market. At the same time, we will focus on investing in the ecosystem and infrastructure of Ethereum. LD Capital is interested in laying out more technology-oriented and data-oriented ecological applications in the Web3 space. We believe in the tomorrow of Web3 and we look forward to building the industry with these excellent partners.

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LD Capital

We are one of earliest VC investors in the Blockchain field in Asia. We focus on : Innovation projects within finance, games, content publishing and IOT